• On-Call Paralegal Services

  • 40 Act Regulation

  • Prospectus Production
    and SEC Filings

  • Investor Communication

  • Real Estate and Litigation

  • Family Law and Wills & Trusts

Benefits to Working with
The Project Paralegal

On Call & Part-Time

The Project Paralegal (aka Judi McLaughlin) delivers on-call paralegal services when you need them – whether you want ongoing assistance, per-diem help with a specific project, in-depth research, or a part-time liaison between your legal team and your financial printing company.

Virtual & Affordable

Working with The Project Paralegal gives you the expertise you need without taking on a full-time employee. You gain all the upside of having a seasoned veteran on your team, without the overhead. Using a virtual approach means Judi is in constant communication, without constantly being in your office.

Proven & Indispensible

From 40 Act Regulations to Disclosure Management, The Project Paralegal puts proven experience at your fingertips. Judi’s expertise spans many areas of the law – including investor communication compliance, prospectus management, and content management systems – making her “the paralegal attorneys can’t do without.”

Meet Judi

Judi McLaughlin

Judi McLaughlin
Founder and CEO
The Project Paralegal

Judi is Boston based, born, and bred. She has worked with Boston’s finest legal practitioners and financial services companies, including Fidelity Investments, Putnam Investments, and Thomson Financial/Reuters. She earned her paralegal certificate from Salter School and holds advanced degrees from UMass Boston and Emerson College. A 3rd generation Red Sox fan, Judi believes that naming her daughter Ruth in 2003 was the turning point for “reversing the curse.”


  • When a key client required a contractor for a crucial prospectus content management system project, Judi was the consensus recommendation among several members of our group who had previously worked with Judi at Fidelity. Judi’s sharp analytical abilities, as well as the depth and breadth of her subject matter knowledge, quickly impressed not only members of our group, but also key client and vendor contacts. Judi’s professionalism and geniality make her an easy person with whom to work and the quality of her work impressed all.


    Brian Poole, Managing Member at Essex River Properties, LLC

  • It was truly a pleasure working with Judi at Fidelity. Her organized and intelligent approach to business helped make even the “impossible” a reality. Not to be overshadowed by Judi’s efficiency is her robust personality. Judi’s great sense of humor and “down to earth” persona was always a refreshing treat among the typical financial services cast.

    Mike Pegnato, VP, Product Management and Development, Fidelity Investments

  • Judi McLaughlin is highly valued as an added team member to our content management implementation team. She is extremely easy to work with, very timely on her deadlines and is open to different styles of working and personalities. I cannot say enough about how much I can depend on her to keep the momentum with the client going. She is given direct contact with our clients and we completely trust her abilities to represent herself as if she was an extension of the RR Donnelley team.

    Mary Ellen Poirier, Implementation Manager at RR Donnelley

  • Judi is one of those paralegals that attorneys can’t live without. She brings an attention to detail and an assertive approach that ensures that as long as she is on top of a task or a project it’s going to get done. She’s also extremely good when dealing with people, as an attorney from a different firm who had frequent dealings with Judi, I always knew that I could rely on her to deal with every aspect of the transaction on her end. I would recommend Judi to anyone looking for an excellent paralegal.

    Sean F. O'Brien, Senior Associate at Bacon Flaherty, LLC

  • Judi is resourceful and gets the job done; all with a smile and she provides feedback promptly. I really enjoyed working with Judi when she was at Shargel Law. I highly recommend her as part of any team that strives to provide exceptional customer service.

    Kim Takvorian, Senior Loan Officer at Mortgage Master, Inc.